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My predictions are true, deviantart becomes facebook.
Fairy and Dragons by Ford1114
Fairy and Dragons
That's the obvious crossover for the well known pairing of SAO. The Twlight of the anime community, but a better love story than Twilight. Like parents protecting their daughter eh?

Sword Art Online (c) Reki Kawahara
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Me
1930s by Ford1114
Second generation trend are the 30s featuring four cartoon characters made their debuts (Bugs was born a decade later). Sorry I didn't add Snow White.

Donald & Goofy (c) Disney
Daffy & Porky (c) Warner Bros 
Art (c) Me
1920s by Ford1114
Starting something of a generational artwork trend (mostly with cartoons and visual entertainments' first releases, exceptions are comic books and literature. It begin something small in the 20s with black and white stuff. 

Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (c) Disney
Art (c) Me
Hey guys, I apologize for a monthly pause of journal stuff. As you guys know, summer is coming to an end and either going back to college or something else is here. I know I have somewhere around 2 years left before I graduate as an undergrad (honestly, I could have graduate next year, but I was a transfer two semester ago). There's a lot to manage (such as internships and all that related) and knowing what to expect for this unseen road. Summer classes of econ are okay (not to mention I became a thai monk last June), I did get involve more in the school area. 

First, I apologize if I'm late, even though I mentioned it at, but I give my respects to Robin Williams' passing. There is so much people talking about him more than any celebrity up until this point, which I can understand why. 

Second, I did see the new stuff of DBZ Abridged and Legend of Korra. The former is a great start to the Cell Saga, in which Cell was one of my fav characters back in the day. The later's season 3 finale is really impacting and sad at the end. 

I enjoy what they have for the final Hobbit movie. For me, I was a huge Tolkien fan for quite a while ever since I saw the LOTR trilogy many times (collect both the theatrical and extended versions). It's so sad that once Battle of the Five Armies is finish (it will be epic proportions of wrapping up the prequel trilogy and tearjerkers), we won't get to see anything Tolkien related for a LONG time. Unless a decade or two we might see the Silmarillion. 


Finally, (sigh) normally I don't do this, but these thoughts about two certain people on this website I once acquainted bother me throughout the months. I'm not going to mention their names, nor their gender and anything specific, (prevent any suspicion and drama) but its best I have to address them since there are controversial experiences (despite having redeemable qualities) in the past. I have to. 

Person A: Well I remember that person for quite a while. Back in 2012 however, I quietly abandon that user and delete related work by choice. Because although I don't get involve, Person A had a lot of issues that affect its stories due to friend issues, a long term trend of family constantly enduring and so. It feels that user did his fics as a way to escape reality. When I once contribute Person A, the plot points I feel when I look back don't make sense to me. There's repeatable mistakes that its hard to express something valid to explain more about that user.

Person B: Now this, wow, its just recently that I'm explaining this easily much often. There is dispute between a revived fanfic back in two years ago where it was originally thought of a decade ago. I left because its uncertain that despite that person believes can handle on its own, that project is too big and its bad timing due to college life. ..the truth is, if it weren't for that story revived, none of my control-freak habits would have resurface (now that I mention it, that taboo story created arguments and breakups from former friends alongside other bad things back then..and so history repeats unless the cycle is stop for good), heck this could have been an 'easy roleplay' as I initially suggested..(and Person B should have been a full time artist in what that person does best, instead of fics of writer's block) Before that person came back two years ago, I remember (or if that user recalls) that the first person talks to is ironically, me. Also, we could have recently love to talk about recent things, plus wanting to meet some more new people I get acquainted with. Its a shame that my view for that person becomes harsh in seeing as a powerful pedestal (like a god) in shaping to be better like me and others, instead of a friend (Trust me, it relates to that experience back in high school of an issue with an anime club officer.). There are still prominent differences as Person B is not actually that social in real life, another is that whenever there's a reunion between certain people; Person B truly loath the dark experiences when meeting with someone, while as for me despite some issues I can make amends with some people (except that anime officer I mentioned, I've yet to reunite..) and can keep in touch on facebook (and there's a wonderful experience when I reunite with a good old friend from high school for seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, now that's good luck). I should consider deleting what's left of some journals I made, but you never know.

Its also ironic that Persons A and B are once formerly friends, now as eternal enemies of fiction vs fiction. I wonder if they have future children, will they be happy of the inconsistent experiences that their parents went through? Probably not. 


And that's that to reflect my experiences: both good and bad. It's disappointing that I'm independent from everything relate to depression, there is nowhere to go, but life has to move on at some point. I just want my mind to calm down for the fact I'm taking a leadership-role these days. When things settle down, if there's any hope or something of reconciliations with these two people and some high school reunion since as the main officer of a specific group I had, I might do so someday as being equal. Everything's not the same without my presence. Just hope they're level-headed instead of being whiny, but I hate being harsh (as much as I want to) since we have to prevent further drama war. 

Looks like summer is once again come to a close. There's more stuff coming throughout the rest of the year. 

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