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Uno Family III by Ford1114
Uno Family III
Been a while since I done something KND related. This is a sequel of my old pics concerning the Uno Family. The first I still like how it holds up, while the second it's meh (but I once put an old OC I no longer associate)..……

This, feels stronger and has a slight darker tone. It's coming from a guy who grew up with this cartoon and is realistic for a change. Ever since I saw that Galactic KND video (at first I seemly ignore it till I give it a shot), with the official voices, I become too hype of wanting to see that spinoff, if April 1st comes by whether it's a prank or not. Judging by that Rainbow Monkeys website, it is a big game changer to be recommissioned. I do miss KND so much that it's one of the major fandoms when I first come to deviantart. 

Numbuh 1 feels conflicted with all his family members surrounding him. Even though their not part of the family tree, Lizzie and Numbuh 362 have played major connections for Nigel's life. There's more to Lizzie's role. 

No one is smiling except for Grandfather above, just to fit the serious mood. 

3/28/15: Here's the finish product, both color and black/white. 

Codename: Kids Next Door (c) Tom Warburton
Art (c) Me
Oh man! I realize that KND is having that galactic KND spinoff! Tell me if this is real?!
Dragon Gai Tsutsugami by Ford1114
Dragon Gai Tsutsugami
There hasn't been someone that did a dragon version of a Guilty Crown character, so I make it happen by doing Gai.

Gai Tsutsugami (c) Guilty Crown
Art (c) Me 
Shinra Koketsu Kisaragi by Ford1114
Shinra Koketsu Kisaragi
Since I saw Ryuko going super mode while inspired by a Satsuki fan-art doing it-…
-how about Ragyo going super saiyan for once?

Some people find Shinra Koketsu's appearance look kinda lacking for a final boss, so how about having a 'super mode' to cross the bishonen line? All those purple colors remind me of Frieza (or better yet, Golden Frieza) :P 

Ragyo Kiryuin (c) Kill la Kill
Art (c) Me

It is that time again that I have break from school. Although it’s nothing new, it’s getting close because next year is the day I can hopefully going to graduate. Well, hopefully if anything goes by. Now I’m reminded why the job force is competitive despite worrying about it early (If it weren’t for something as a graduation requirement called the Writing Proficiency Evaluation at my college for sure, why does it remind me of those state tests back in high school?).

The first half of 2015 sounds okay right? Sort off. Aside from some off famous people are sadly no longer with us. The ones we idolize back then. There is one of the big changes for our maturity despite retaining the same values. We’re now in half of the 2010s decade for sure. I have gone to PAX East for the first time, and I’d say it was a blast. With the demo of Final Fantasy XV being played early on, it's a sign that Square Enix are reclaiming their glory and coming full circle ever since it's first announce years back. 

Let's not forget Spider-Man coming back home to the MCU. Can't wait to see him and they will properly treat him right just like the first trilogy, no origin story this time. I'm looking forward to that Duck Tales reboot since I understand why most of us enjoyed that cartoon back then. 

I remember something and talk about back then for some people know in concern of: fanfics. I finally decide to let out what truly happen. Granted to be honest, they are still a hobby, and around my age now, I hardly pay attention to them since most of them are amateurish. Only a selected few (like 10-15% such as this DBZ fic called ‘Bringer of Death’) I read underneath that litter stands out as well-written and akin to the real world to entertain and have inspired ideas just as much as official sources. Also, there’s a reason why Mega Crossovers are sometimes hard to follow than stand-alone stories, with only a few stand out with the right direction.

It’s like for those people that have high standards whether it’s artwork, stories, and even web originals like Teamfourstar and Littlekuriboh are shown to be humble and respected. These are the people that make a good difference to the community. You can also thank TV Tropes for shaping me to who I am today. 

The truth is (yes, I’m showing more of my personality), my contributions of good fanfics towards one group is not just promoting to begin with, it is actually a front of a bigger goal to gain their trust and having different generations co-existing as one fandom to explore contemporary events (along with self-responsibility). That group are around in their late 20s-early 30s while I make my presence as the youngest member, with the help of my inspirations and showing more of my real purposes, they are open minded (like us) for generations to interact. And it works. I recall creating this group called the Fanfic Meisters as I thought of having common interests, I officially close it and replaced it with a more realistic group to broaden our horizons.

Although I will still contribute things online, this year is when I myself will decide to quit doing fanfics as a hobby after the last few pieces in spare times.

That’s right, read it loud and clear, I’m going to quit writing fanfiction.

Here is this hilarious video of my eventual proposal.

I feel sorry for some people I know that waste their talent on fics rather than real careers and other fun things, whether it’s an attempt to be socially attentive. Sometimes, the world would be peaceful without the dramatic arguments of not just that, but forums and everywhere else. Eh, I usually never get involved, it's just life.

Despite the issues, this is a chance for me to redeem myself from the ground-up. A place to call home with a peace in mind. 

Now I’m going to envision what 2017 is going to be like, 10 years of my time in this site.

Later peeps.

(Edit: More stuff will be added, whenever I feel like it.)

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey everyone, I'm a user passing by in the site. Currently a college student and hopes to graduate by 2016. A lot of experience have change me over the years. Looking back makes me wonder.

Famous People I met/witnessed: Tom Warburton, Kevin Mowrer, Sonny Strait, Aaron Dismuke, Nobuo Uematsu, Chris Ayres, Sean Schemmel, David White, Kirk Thornton, Karen Strassman, Sean Astin, Tom Felton (witness), Bruce Timm (witness), Christopher Lloyd (witness), Art Baltazar, Greg Ayres, Josh Grelle, Trina Nishimura, Matthew Mercer

As of currently, I don't reply to 'notes' often due to not feeling the mood. Instead you can mostly PM at my other accounts.
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