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May 17, 2012
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Hey fans of Digimon Fusion Kai, YuYuGiDigiMoon, and Digimon Accel Stream. While we're waiting for the sidestories arc of DFKai, I just create a timeline of the alternate versions of Digimon Xros Wars. Reason of this Xros Wars world is different from the show is because in Across Dimensions, our heroes from other dimensions met the Xros Hearts between Digimon Xros Wars and Young Hunters. Then in the sidestory of Accel Stream that the main hero visited the world again during the Young Hunters arc. Thus, there is more diversity and deviations of fanfiction ideas. Plus, there is an event I incorporated, that the Xros Hearts cast are involve during the time of DFKai Season 3, so that they're doing something involving.

Well here we go. Onto the timeline.


The Past:</u>
-Back when the Digital World of DXW-06 was first created, Bahamutdramon (parodied Bahamut of Final Fantasy/Dungeons & Dragons) and Tiamatdramon (parodied Tiamat from Dungeons & Dragons) were the first digimon to be born. They are brother and sister: Bahamutdramon was the god of metallic light, while Tiamatdramon was the goddess of chromatic darkness. Both gods created life to the world and many populated digimon. But both gods have different obvious views, and so a war between both forces started. Bahamutdramon's forces are led by commanders Bagramon (who back then was an angel before becoming a demon) and his younger brother, a Knightmon (before becoming DarkKnightmon)! Tiamatdramon's forces were consisted of dragon-like creatures called the Spawns of Tiamatdramon (parodied the Spawns of Tiamat from D&D.). The war shook both the real and digital world. After a long battle, Bahamutdramon's forces won, and sealed Tiamatdramon to the darkness. But Bahamutdramon decided to seal himself as well, to bring a new generation of rulers in the Digital World. And so, the Code Crown was created to keep the world's balance maintained. The presence of both gods still lingered to watch over the world.
-However, in shades of gray, Bagramon felt that the justice of the digital world was unreasonable. So he and Knightmon rebelled against God (Bahamutdramon) and was cursed to become the demon known as the "Sage of Death". Knightmon was also corrupted to be DarkKnightmon. Bagramon wanted to use the Code Crown to shaped the world in his own image, as a means of his "New Justice". A group of digimon battled Bagramon and his army to protect both the real and digital worlds. The fight ended with the digimon sealed into DigiMemories, while the Code Crown is broken to fragments, causing the Digital World to split into Zones.
Earth Time:
2nd - 3rd Centuries: Events of Dynasty Warriors
15th - 17th Centuries: Events of Samurai Warriors

The Present:</u>
-The events of Digimon Xros Wars. With deviations; such as Bagramon creates the Morannomon army as elite troops during the Seven Death Generals arc, and Soundwavumon being Ballistamon's 'older brother'. At the end of the conflict, Bagramon (as DarknessBagramon) was killed by Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode.

-The events of Across Dimensions, where the Xros Hearts have meet the visitors of DF-616, YYGDM-01, and XLR-8. Together, they fought and defeat Paradixaldramon's forces.

-A year has pass, and begin the events of Digimon Xros Wars: Young Hunters Leapt Through Time. At some point before the conflict of Quartzmon, Kensuke Rainer of XLR-8 visit and meet Taiguri to hunt some digimon (Digimon Accel Stream: Sidestories Slam Fest Ch. 1-3). During the battle against Quartzmon and his forces, Taichi/Daisuke/Takato/Takuya/Marcus and other digidestined of YYGDM-01 are summoned by the Watcher Old Guy to help the Xros Hearts. At the end, Taigiru & Arresterdramon Superior Mode defeats Quartzmon and revert him to an egg. The Watcher Old Guy reveals Taiki and Yuu to be Bagramon, who also mentions of looking for his brother who is somehow revived..

-Some time later, Taiki's group gives Ryoma the egg of Quartzmon, which will hatch into Psychemon again, without the evil influences.

-The presence of Tiamatdramon corrupted a Piddomon into a digimon named, VengerDevimon (parodied Venger from the D&D cartoon.) for him of plans to unseal the dramon goddess. It is also revealed that the reason DarkKnightmon was revived was because of Tiamatdramon's presence for him to get revenge on his brother.

(Time take place during Digimon Fusion Kai Season 3 from DF-616): An amusement park from North America is under attack by VengerDevimon and DarkKnightmon's forces. The Xros Hearts team arrive to drive their enemies away with unexpected allies. These new allies are named Hank, Eric, Sheila, Diana, Presto, and Bobby (Alternated versions of the same characters from the D&D cartoon.) with their respective digimon Hippogriffomon (who can digivolve into Gryphonmon), Knightmon (the same one of Taiki's and can now evolve into Crusademon), Deramon, Persiamon (same one of Taiki's), Wizardmon (and can evolve into Mistymon), and Unimon. It is revealed that Hank, Sheila, and Presto were once involved in the Hunters competition. While Eric, Diana, and Bobby are newcomers. Presto has also become Wisemon's apprentice. Both groups team up to stop VengerDevimon, who is trying to free Tiamatdramon, while The Watcher Old Guy & Clockmon tag along. After a series of events, including the heroes have face a Balrogmon (parodied the Balrog from LOTR), VengerDevimon succeed in freeing Tiamatdramon. However, Tiamatdramon no longer needs the fallen angel, knocks VengerDevimon aside, and flew off. DarkKnightmon rejoins with the dragon goddess. Tiamatdramon is planning to revive her army to conquer the universe and other dimensions. Our heroes, alongside VengerDevimon who wants to atone himself, have to unseal Bahamutdramon in order to defeat Tiamatdramon. The heroes freed Bahamutdramon, while Tiamatdramon raises back her 'Spawns of Tiamatdramon' led by a digimon that parody a 'Bluespawn Godslayer'. During that, it is revealed that…….Shoutmon is a descendant of Bahamutdramon! He's one of the keys to defeat Tiamatdramon. A huge battle commences of the forces of good vs evil. Bagramon reveals himself again to help and forgiving his past sins. After a tough battle, our heroes finally killed Tiamatdramon, DarkKnightmon and her forces! Peace is restored, as Taiki and Hank's group say goodbye to go back home.

June 2011 in DF-616: Cross Generations - Crimson Digicores/Bebimon Sagas.

May 4th, 2012 in DF-616: Cross Generations - Super Jax Saga.
May 5th, 2012 in DF-616: Cross Generations - Shadow Dramon Saga/The Dark Ending.


That's all that happens throughout the timeline, all the way towards the forthcoming Cross Generations. The digital world's beginnings reminded you all of Granasmon and Valmarmon of YYGDM. :P And yes, I incorporated Dungeons & Dragons into the Xros Wars world beside Lord of the Rings and all that kind of fantasy stuff. I used to play D&D, but not much. Though I like most of the artwork such as the monsters and dragons. I feel that Tiamatdramon is like Morgoth from The Silmarillion. :P The heroes of the D&D cartoon even remind me of the International Digidestined from Season 2.

As for the Xros heroes fighting Tiamatdramon's forces, I don't know if I'm going to do a fanfic based on it. But if I did, it'll be like a movie fic. Though the summary of the event is enough for me. Again, I want the Xros cast to do something involving during that time.

Hope any reader enjoys it!

Disclaimer: Digimon/Xros Wars belongs to Bandai/Toei Animation. Dungeons & Dragons belongs to Wizards of the Coast. Digimon Fusion Kai & YuYuGiDigiMoon belongs to Kanius. Digimon Accel Stream belongs to Chaosblazer. Bahamutdramon, Tiamatdramon, VengerDevimon, Morannomons, Soundwavumon and Balrogmon are parody OCs that belong to me.
A timeline of a fanfic (alternate) version of Digimon Xros Wars for Digimon Fusion Kai, YYGDM, and Accel Stream.
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